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speech therapy

Welcome to Azalea Therapy Group!  

At Azalea Therapy Group, we dedicate ourselves to enhancing the lives of children through expert speech and language therapy services. We believe in a world where every child can communicate and nourish themselves with confidence.


Our mission is to provide holistic, compassionate care that supports not just the child, but the family as a whole. By integrating kindness, collaboration, competence, and a family-centered approach into all we do, we strive to create a nurturing environment where every child can thrive and every family feels supported and empowered.




articulation disorder, language disorder

Speech Therapy

Click on "More information" to learn more about different speech and language difficulties, how they can affect your child, and how we can help with speech therapy for kids and speech therapy for toddlers if you notice any red flags.

We Offer Flexibility

Services can be rendered in a variety of settings to help meet the needs of our families.

azalea therapy group pllc office location

Office Location

Conveniently located one block from I-45 and Sawdust Road.

Daycare- home health speech therapy


Full range of services available based on availability and location.

Speech Teletherapy


Virtual speech therapy is available for evaluations, screenings, therapy sessions, and consultations.

Bilingual therapy also available (English/Spanish)
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